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Marshall & Putnam County IL Plat Book Aerial

Marshall & Putnam County Illinois Plat Book 2012

One of the most powerful features of the plat book is the illustration of ownership in a highly visual map format. Landowners, recreationalists, developers, agribusinesses, realtors, appraisers, surveyors and so many others recognize the hands-on convenience of an easy-to-read, spiral bound plat book. The map content is updated according to demand and land activity within a county. Using current federal, state and local sources when creating a plat book gives you the most accurate information possible. Standard features include:

  • Parcel boundary and acreage data with ownership information
  • Index to owners for quick reference 
  • Latitude/Longitude grid for easy use with a GPS unit 
  • County Highway Map for a great overview of the entire county area 
  • Business Directory to help locate the quality products and services available in your area 
  • Recreational land for hunting and conservation purposes 
  • Roadways, waterways, railways derived from the most current base map data available 
  • Section lines and municipal boundaries showing towns, villages, urban boundaries
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